Who we are

Green Tourism Group is a team of international experts dedicated to developing and supporting sustainable tourism development concepts, joined by seasoned, „hands on” professionals in the fields of education, innovation, sustainable tourism destinations and hospitality management/development.

Our Mission

Our mission is to carefully guide public and private clients in the design, development and implementation of socially, environmentally and economically viable master plans for Sustainable Tourism.

Our commitment to bridging public and private needs is supported by the development of programs to improve local education, hospitality and trade training and to encourage the growth of local family businesses, farming, manufacturing, art and handcrafts through public and private financing initiatives. We are dedicated to assisting clients in achieving the “triple bottom line” of Sustainable Tourism development: People, Planet and Profit.

Our Vision

We see the Planet as a ship that is traveling through time and space, following a path that is influenced by humans, but dictated by Nature. We believe that Nature is the driving force of our Planet and that we should carefully act to understand it, respect it and enhance its positive effects. We are dedicated to working to drive human activity closer to its natural roots, while supporting the growth of social welfare and conscious commerce. This often means having the courage to “take the path less traveled”, find innovative, inclusive and holistic solutions to today’s challenges and help clients to do the same.

Our Values

In our group’s commitment to the welfare of people, to the protection of the environment and to the establishment of profit through the development of Sustainable Tourism, with careful planning and effective implementation, we work with a set of core values:

Integrity – know and do what is right, support a culture of honesty in the group

Respect – give value to communities and nature, encourage careful development, returning to people to the essential practices of living

Fairness – treat all members of the community with a standard of performance that is consistent and equal, because we believe that behaving ethically is the only right thing to do

Responsibility – understand and uphold the interests of all stakeholders in a project

Passion – be committed in heart and mind to inform, involve and inspire all project stakeholders

Transparency – to deal with all matters openly, making all stakeholders aware of project issues and challenges

Our Team

Franz Schweiger

Managing Director

Raised in a family of Austrian winemakers, with a Master’s Degree from Vienna University’s School of Economics and Business Administration and with a broad experience in consulting and auditing Austrian and international hotel and tourism companies, Franz Schweiger takes on the role of Managing Director of the group, bringing his years of expertise and knowledge in business start-up, corporate finance and international tax law…

Edina Hinteregger Von Grienholzegg

Team Coordinator

A native of Bosnia, now living in Austria, Edina was educated in private schools before obtaining a degree in International Finance & Banking at University of Tuzla (BIH) in a dual-degree program with the College of Technology at SUNY in New York City. Following her graduation, Edina started working for a Bosna Bank international in Tuzla, moving to the tourism industry to work for a U.S. cruise line company in Florida and then to a large food import…

Advisory Board

Karim Jalloul

Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Karim Jalloul moved as a child with his family to Austria. He graduated from the International Center for Hospitality Management MODUL in Vienna in 1993. After working his way through hotel operations, Karim held various management and executive positions aswell as founder & shareholder in the Hospitality Industry, such as an Advisor to the Management Board and Owner’s Representative for a privately-held luxury hotel group…

Christophe Bergen

A U.S. citizen, now a permanent Austrian resident with his wife, Verena, Christophe Bergen was educated in France before graduating from the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University, serving in the University Senate and as President of the A.D. Phi Literary Society. Christophe lived and worked in luxury hospitality in the U.S., Netherlands,Italy and Austria and is fluent in English, French, Italian and German…


Richard Adam

An Australian national, resident of Germany and Switzerland, Japanese wife, citizen of the world, Richard is a seasoned international C-level executive and board member in asset development, tourism management and investment. Over the last decades Richard has been constantly involved in development of concepts, projects and execution for large scale destinations, resorts, leisure venues, public realm structures…


Dagmar Lund-Durlacher

A Full Professor at the Department of Tourism and Service Management at Modul University Vienna and Visiting Professor and Research Associate at the Centre for Sustainable Tourism at the Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development (Germany), Dagmar completed her doctoral studies at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Her public speaking, writing and research focuses on Corporate Sustainability …

Enrico Porfido

A PhD Architect with studies and working experiences in Italy, Albania, Norway, Portugal, Brazil and Spain. Enrico’s research focuses on the relationship between tourism, landscape and local communities, investigating the effect on coastal and urban landscapes. Former lecturer at Universiteti Polis in Tirana, in 2018 he was the curator of Tirana Architecture Week 2018 and scientific coordinator of the international scientific conference “[CO]habitation tactics”…