Who we are

Green Tourism Group is formed of experts and seasoned professionals in the fields of research, education, sustainable tourism and hospitality management and development.

Working for public and private clients, GTG uses a holistic approach to sustainable development, prepared to take on tourism destination development and hospitality development projects, starting from the concept phase, working with all stakeholders, all the way through the execution phase of projects.

Unlike traditional advisory groups, gtg has the know-how and experience to put into action the conceptual steps of development plans and to deliver a full green tourism development package.

Our Mission

Our mission is to carefully guide public and private clients in the design, development and implementation of socially, environmentally and economically viable master plans for Green Tourism.

Our commitment to bridging public and private needs is supported by the development of programs to improve local education, hospitality and trade training and to encourage the growth of local family businesses, farming, manufacturing, art and handcrafts through public and private financing initiatives. We are dedicated to assisting clients in achieving the “triple bottom line” of Green Tourism development: People, Planet and Profit.

Our Vision

Committed to the Pillars of Sustainable Tourism in creating value for local communities, supporting environmental protection and setting up frameworks for businesses to be financially viable: People, Planet, Profit.

Our Values

In our group’s commitment to the welfare of people, to the protection of the environment and to the establishment of profit through the development of Green Tourism, with careful planning and effective implementation, we work with a set of core values:

Integrity – know and do what is right, support a culture of honesty in the group

Respect – give value to communities and nature, encourage careful development, returning to people to the essential practices of living

Fairness – treat all members of the community with a standard of performance that is consistent and equal, because we believe that behaving ethically is the only right thing to do

Responsibility – understand and uphold the interests of all stakeholders in a project Passion – be committed in heart and mind to inform, involve and inspire all project stakeholders

Transparency – to deal with all matters openly, making all stakeholders aware of project issues and challenges

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